The Delfino beach resort

Beach relaxation near the Stenella guest house

With access included in the price of your stay*, the Il Delfino beach resort offers Stenella guests the opportunity to unwind and enjoy totally relaxing days by the sea (excluding the first three rows).

Not only can you lie on your own comfortable lounger underneath your reserved beach umbrella, you can also enjoy the multiple services on offer, which include private huts, dressing rooms, hot and cold showers, foot baths, private bathrooms, air pumps and storage units for inflatables, and a shaded reading area. Professionally certified lifeguards are also on hand to provide reassurance, especially for families.


The Il Delfino beach resort is located on one of the nicest beaches on the Island of Elba, Procchio beach, which is also considered one of the ten most beautiful beaches in Italy according to Skyscanner’s top-ten list.

This special acknowledgement is due to the quality of the beach’s year-round cleanliness, the crystal clear water and the beauty of the surrounding areas and landscape.


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Eat, drink & get tanned

Snack bar Dolphin Bay

Treat yourself to a snack as you sip a fresh drink


The Dolphin Bay snack bar is a little gem with a lovely sea view overlooking Procchio beach. Here you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee, delicious snacks or even a romantic drink in the evening, immersed in the light of the sunset... there’s always a good reason to stop by the Dolphin Bay snack bar on Procchio beach.


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